About Us

Greetings! สวัสดีค่ะ

Hello all, glad that you have found us here! During this crisis I have been stuck indoors and we have had to shut our restaurant doors for an unknown period. This has led to me spending a lot of time in my home kitchen (quite a rarity in normal circumstances!) I have been producing lots of authentic Thai dishes and I had a lightbulb moment that we could cook lots of our classics and create a ready meal range. For those who love Thai food but are currently unable to go out of the house or get hold of the essential ingredients. Lucky for you I have rustled up quite a collection and hope you will be able to get a Thai dish that you love.

Thai people really enjoy eating with their loved ones and this really epitomises one of our strongest cultures. We love to share our food and stories over an eclectic mix of flavours for hours when we can. We hope these ready meals will afford you and your loved ones a great Thai feast for you to share or for those on their own a great Thai meal that will proffer warmth and comfort in these difficult times. 

I am incredibly passionate about Thai food and all ingredients from Southeast Asia. We have plan to provide an array of products that span from your staples to niche items that allow you to reminisce of home or your travels across Southeast Asia. 

If you have any requests please be sure to let us know and we will do utmost to produce those dishes that you are yearning for! 

Best wishes,

ขอบคุณค่ะ  Khun Ban Kaewkraikhot

Founder of ZAAP & Sukhothai Restaurants