Bans' Story

Ban’s Kitchen founder and executive chef, Ban, was born in Sukhothai, Thailand and food was always a big part of her family life. She grew up in a house next to a river, surrounded by fruit trees, and spent most evenings sat on the veranda sharing food with friends and neighbours.

When she came home from school or work, she always helped her Mother make the evening’s dinner. Often, she would pick fresh lemongrass and chilli from the fields and prepare fish caught from the river that day.

It was because of this food-centred upbringing that cooking seemed to be the most natural vocation for Ban. When she moved to the UK, she wanted to recreate the flavours from her youth and share them with others. She opened her first restaurant ‘Sukhothai’ in 2002, and never fails to get a huge sense of satisfaction when she sees people enjoying her food. 

Ban has gone on to open 8 critically acclaimed and multi award-winning restaurants, 3 Sukhothai’s, and more recently 5 Zaap Thai’s. Over the years the restaurants have won various awards and accreditations, including year on year inclusions in the Good Food Guide, and featuring on The Sunday Times list of best UK restaurants. Sukhothai won Best World Restaurant at the Oliver Awards in 2015, and the Zaap Thai’s won Best Street Food Restaurant at both the Oliver Awards and Nottinghamshire Food & Drink Awards. Both brands continue to receive nominations each year.

Recently Ban saw the opportunity not only to have her food enjoyed in her restaurants but to also have her food enjoyed in homes across the UK. This led to Ban’s Kitchen being created. Ban’s famous Thai food can now be enjoyed up and down the country. Choose from a wide selection of restaurant quality Thai mains and starter packs, ready to cook straight away or store for a special occasion, all delivered to your home within 7 days of ordering.

We really hope you will enjoy our food. 

Khob Khun Kha

Khun Ban